For all Masjid matters EXCEPT Scouts, please call or text ‭‭07982 446062 ‬or email

For any questions relating to Purley Masjid Scouts, please call or text ‭07421 472600‬ or email

For any questions relating to the Madrasah please WhatsApp 07939 422947

(no calls or regular text messaging please)

Purley Masjid seeks to serve the purpose as a religious, spiritual, educational & community centre for the thriving Muslim population in and around Purley and the Borough of Croydon

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07982 446062

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07982 446062

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To receive notifications of all our upcoming events, add Purley masjid as a contact to your phone and send a message to this number requesting to be added to the broadcast group

07939 422947

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