As-Salamu Alaiykum,


To comply with distancing measures, the number of Musallees we can allow at Jumu’ah is maximum 60 per Jamaat. To best manage the flow of Musallees and to accommodate as many as possible, we will be holding 4 Jamaats…


- 1.30pm

- 2.00pm

- 2.30pm

- 3.00pm


- Do not book or reserve a space for anyone else; everyone must make their own booking

- Please come 10 minutes before your booking allotted time

- Queue in such as a way as to maintain 1m distancing; no crowding

- Disperse immediately after Jumu’ah Salah; do not mingle on the forecourt



- Medical Conditions:  Anyone with a pre-existing medical condition which makes them vulnerable to COVID-19, or anyone with ‘flu-like symptoms must not enter

- Wudhu:  The Wudhu and toilet areas will be closed; come with Wudhu

- Ages:  Recommended age range is 12-65 years

- Sunnah:  Pray Sunnah home; not at the Masjid

- Prayer Mat:  Bring a prayer mat with you

- Shoes:  Bring a carrier bag for your shoes and keep your shoes with you


If you do not follow the instructions, we have the right to refuse entry even if you have booked. To make your booking, please click on the link on the attached flyer

NB: Sisters, please stay home as there are no facilities yet for Jumu’ah

Do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries.

An invitation to everyone of all faiths and no faiths. Meet friends and neighbours. Regular activities and events for the community.


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