Purley Masjid is continuing with the Good Seeds Islamic Nursery


The sessions are now on Mondays, at 10.00am to 12.00noon


The sessions will include:

- Recitations

- Nausheeds

- Arts & Crafts


Mothers will be expected to stay with their child throughout the sessions.  


This unique opportunity will be free of charge; registration is not required


See poster for more details.


For any enquiries, please e-mail

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Every Tuesday; now after Isha Salah


Al-Khaleel Institute and Purley Masjid presents:

 The Day of Judgment: Signs of the Final Hour


”Are they only waiting for the Hour to take them by surprise? Yet some of its signs have already come. Once it actually befalls them, will it not be too late to be mindful?”  [47:18]


Delivered by:

Shaykh Suliman Gani



Every Tuesday



After Isha Salah

Isha Jamaat today is at 8.15pm

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The Fajr Knights initiative has been running since 18th December, and ended yesterday. Mash’Allah, we had up to 23 children praying Fajr ranging from 2 days to all 16 days, from as young as 8 years old


Alhamdullilah, we can now announce the children that have achieved the highest attendance and have been awarded medals


Mash’Allah, 12 of the participating children have set up GoFundMe pages, and between them have raised a total of £5,486 for Building Purley Masjid. This is an amazing achievement from children as young as 8 years! 


Based on their achievements, we will, Insha’Allah, dedicate a tile on the donors wall of the new Masjid for the Fajr Knights Children 2021



We have 6 children who have attended all 16 Fajr Salahs; therefore there is a tie-break. In the event of a tie break, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places have been awarded on the basis of their fundraising efforts.

1st Prize:

ADAM Meharbaarn, aged 8 yrs

Prizes: £100 Amazon Voucher + Gold Medal


2nd Prize:

ZAKARIYA Qureshi, aged 12 yrs

Prizes: £60 Amazon Voucher + Silver Medal


3rd Prize:

SIDDIQ Ahamed, aged 9 yrs

SARAH Ahamed aged 7 yrs

Prizes: £40 Amazon Voucher + Bronze Medal


Every child that has participated has sacrificed sleep for the sake of Allah and as such every child has achieved success and has received a certificate of attendance.



Of the £5,486 raised, the lead fundraiser was ADAM Meharbaarn with £1,500, who wins a trophy for his efforts

A special mention goes to IBRAHIM and ISMAIL Moavia, and ZAKARIYA and ADAM Qureshi who have raised over £1,000

May Allah (swt) reward all the children for their amazing efforts



A local business has agreed to sponsor our Fajr Knights initiative and provide a special offer to participants and to the Purley Masjid Community



61 South End, Croydon CR0 1BF

Serving you breakfast and lunch with traditional English, Mediterranean and Moroccan cuisine at its best

See website for opening hours


Fajr Knights participant offer: Children with certificates eat/drink for free in January 2022 (conditions apply)


Purley Masjid community: Those with the attached Purley Masjid / Fajr Knights image - 10% off bill in January 2022

(cannot be combined with any other offer)

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Please join our next Mama Baby & Toddlers Group, for mothers with children under the age of 4 years



Tuesday 4th January






Purley Masjid

63 Whytecliffe Road South,

Purley, CR8 2AZ


Wearing a face mask is now mandatory (unless medically exempt)


Please message sister Sam on 07912 301 114 if you would like to attend

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As-Salamu Alaiykum


In collaboration with Al-Khaleel Institute and MPACUK, please join us for a talk on tackling racism


This talk will cover the following points: 


- How some recent Bills are systematically racist


- Updates on the Nationality and Borders Bill


- Concerns with the Police & Crime Bill


- How the local MPs voted


- Why UK Muslims have unique responsibility to tackle legalised racism



Saturday 15th January 




(after Isha Jamaat)



Purley Masjid,

63 Whytecliffe Rd South,

Purley, CR2 2AZ


All welcome - Brothers & Sisters


Please wear a face mask covering the nose and mouth

The first day of daily Salahs at the temporary Masjid will be Monday 31st January, In Sha’ Allah.


The day before - Sunday 30th January, we will be holding an Open Day, during which you will have a chance to visit the Masjid and have a look around between 4.00pm and 5.00pm. Please wear a face mask.


The address is: 130 Brighton Road, Purley, CR8 4EX Following this message is a Parking & Travel guide (you will need to zoom in to read the detail).


Do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries.