About / Building Purley Masjid is a project that will create a purpose-built 6-floor Masjid providing rich and vibrant facilities to the local community. 

The Project / Building Purley Masjid

Purley Masjid is a modern Islamic community centre in a suburb of South London, Purley. It was established in 2015 after fundraising raising to accommodate the needs of the local Muslim community.

Ma Sha’ Allah, the Masjid is now trying to cope with the demand and has to overcome many challenges to support the Muslim and also non-Muslim community. Here are just a few examples of the issues:


  • We have one main hall which accommodates only 200 people for an average Jumu’ah congregation of over 400. People often have to wait outside in the forecourt for the second Jamaat

  • Current facilities for ladies accommodates around 30, whereas the demand is known to be in excess of 150. This is severely restricting our ability to meet current demand for women

  • Our lectures, Fitness Classes, Mothers and Toddlers group, daily iftaris in Ramadhan and seniors meet up sessions all take place on the same carpeted area on which we pray. This is not ideal and as we are effectively operating out of one hall, it means that we can only have one activity happening at any given time

  • The Food Bank only has enough space for a shelf rack to store food.  It caters for anyone in need in the Purley community, Muslim and non-Muslim alike

By the Grace of Allah swt we have embarked on the Building Purley Masjid project that will cater for the needs of the community. The project will result in a new Masjid on the current Purley Masjid site and will be a modern, purpose-built building for the community spanning 6 floors that will include:


  • Two male prayer halls with a combined capacity of 500

  • A ladies prayer hall with capacity of over 200 and crèche facilities 

  • A multi-purpose hall

  • A dedicated lecture/events hall (we held over 100 last year), which can accommodate 100 people

  • Improved facilities for our already existing Youth Activities, Mothers and Toddlers Group and Seniors Group

  • Separate classrooms for our Madrasah classes  

  • More space for our weekly Food Bank

We already have all these activities running at Purley Masjid but are struggling to meet demands and keep up the excellent level of service we provide.

The Appeal / Sponsor a Tile

Shazia Mock Up (1).jpg
  • We need your support to complete this project and have launched the Sponsor a Tile appeal.

  • A Donors' Wall will be made of tiles and will form a permanent feature of Purley Masjid for future generations to come to view and be inspired.  Each tile can be personalised with the name of a family member, living or deceased, organisation or group adorned on one or more tiles

  • By sponsoring, you are doing Sadaqah Jariyah, continuous charity, an act that someone does that continues to generate good deeds even after the person has left this World. 

  • There are only a limited number of tiles so we request you come forward quickly and sponsor a tile to leave behind a lasting legacy In Sha 'Allah. Once they are gone, they are gone!

  • If you are unable to sponsor a tile, please consider the option of sponsoring a virtual Mussala'.  

How to Sponsor


You can sponsor by clicking on the above Sponsor button which will take you to our online store where you can purchase your option. Alternatively please download the relevant forms from the below link. Once downloaded please do the following:

  • Print the downloaded form

  • Complete the form ensuring your name, email and phone number are clearly entered

  • If appropriate, please don't forget to tick the Gift Aid box

  • Either scan and email the form back to or you can hand it in person to the Imam

Please do not forget to fill out our online Gift Aid form if you are a UK taxpayer. This will boost your donation by 25p for every £1 donated and will not cost you anything.